E-Plex Digital Solutions

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E-Plex Design Solutions provide design, supply and installation services for digital switching solutions. Specialising in the the E-Plex range of products we work worldwide in the marine and vehicle markets with a commitment to quality and prompt customer service.

E-Plex Products

The E-Plex product line is comprised of intuitive user interfaces, power distribution modules, machine interface modules, sensors and software.

Electronic Control Modules (Clock Modules)

Electronic Control modules are the heart and brain of the system. They power the Bus network enabling many modules to operate without a separate power supply. They also hold the main program and initiate and control the communication between all the modules.

Display Interface Modules

E-Plex has a range of display interface modules offering full colour touch screens with multiple pages and connection to the full range of Apple and Android touch screen devices.

Switch Interface Modules

E-Plex has a range of switch interfaces for users. From simple but flexible rocker switch arrays, through multi touch region backlit touch switches. E-Plex also interfaces to market leading third party products such as EnOcean wireless light switches.

Digital I/O, DC Power & Motor Modules

E-Plex has a range of DC Power control modules which can be used to integrate switched DC power to external devices and systems, the modules can also be configured to act as digital inputs from external DC systems.

Engine & Equipment Modules

A range of open and dedicated control modules exist covering CAN protocol to communicate with engine controllers and other management systems and a dedicated range of Victron modules to provide a seamless integration of their product line.

Tanks & HVAC Modules

E-Plex provides a range of pressure and resistive tank sender modules to integrate, fuel water and other tanked liquids into the system for monitoring and control, temperature and other environmental sensors are also available.

EP3 Cable System, Distribution Point & Bridging Modules

E-Plex EP3 ’plug and play’ bus connection system is a durable waterproof cable that’s simple to install requiring no tools, also available is a seven way distribution point module. To bridge between two independent E-Plex systems we supply a bridging module.

AC Power & Lighting Modules

A range of AC distribution and control modules are available to allow power, monitoring and control of your AC systems and provide integration into E-Plex.

DC Power & Relay Modules

We also offer a range of Volt free Relay modules for control of clean contact devices and DC power switching, also DC Distribution boards with battery isolation and monitoring.

E-Logic Software

E-Logic is a software program used to design, configure, and test E-Plex systems.