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E-Plex E-Logic E-Plex Software

E-Logic is a software program used to design, configure, and test E-Plex systems.

E-Logic V1.11.0 – Not For New Designs

E-Logic software version 1.11.0, includes some bug fixes and improves compatibility with the newest versions of Windows including Windows 10. This version is backward compatible with previous versions and provides full support for legacy modules and system designs.

Both 32 & 64 Bit versions are now available.

E-Logic 3 – For All New Projects

E-Logic software version 3.0, this provides a faster, smarter and more streamlined interface with a better graphical layout, fonts, and icons. The new runtime has also improved the high resolution screen handling. Obsolete hardware modules have been removed, dialog windows, menu items and options have changed. This version is aimed at new system designs, it will provide more features and expansion for the future and for new modules as they are released. This version will only allow programming of our current range of (Mainly EP3 hardware) modules. Existing files can be loaded but some obsolete module functions may not be available.

Both 32 & 64 Bit versions are available.

E-Logic 3 will install in a separate directory and start menu location to the prior versions, this means that it is possible to have both versions on the same PC, with v1.11.0 being used for legacy systems, and v3.0 being used for new designs with the latest hardware

E-Plex E-Logic E-Plex Software