E-Plex Digital Solutions

E-Plex 400ECM Electronic Control Module

128KB Memory

The E-Plex 400ECM combines a master programmer and controller functionality with a customisable touchscreen in one low-cost interface. The control module is housed in a small enclosure that extends 50mm from behind the dash or wall surface. It is capable of monitoring and controlling tanks, pumps, lighting, HVAC, generator sets, engines and electronic systems. A 128-character display (8 x 16) provides information, including alerts and diagnostics, from any of the modules within an E-Plex system. Customers have the opportunity to define custom artwork which is backlit within the touch-screen to provide the end user with an intuitive E-Plex system control interface.

Key Features

  • 255 unique alpha-numeric characters with a 64-position touch glass display
  • System diagnostics and security lockout capabilities
  • Electroluminescent (EL) backlight for night-time display
  • 128KB of on-board storage
  • Storage includes a master record of configuration data
  • Custom artwork overlays and a range of bezel finishes
  • Rear USB monitoring and service port (cable required)
  • LEN capacity 250
E-Plex 400ECM Electronic Control Module