E-Plex Digital Solutions

E-Plex 319RSM Resistive Sensor Monitor

The E-Plex 319RSM is used to measure resistances for standard gauges used in tank level monitoring. The module allows analogue gauges to be connected in parallel with the module so that localised monitoring can be provided as well. The E-Plex resistive sense module can read the analogue value of a sensor and display it at other locations. With the digital input feature, the module can detect dry contact open / close for applications like door and window magnetic reed switches.

Key Features

  • Can be used to sense pressure, temperature, and fluid levels
  • Reads values from 0 – 300 ohms
  • Table generator for custom value conversions
  • Interfaces with standard resistive tank senders (0-180 & 240-30 Ohms)
  • Allows for parallel interface to analogue gauges
  • Detects dry contact open / close
  • Standard EP3 connection
E-Plex 319RSM Resistive Sensor Monitor