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E-Plex 816CAN Generic CAN Interface

The E-Plex 816CAN is an E-Plex/CAN gateway that allows bidirectional communications between E-Plex and a wide variety of CAN networks. These may be for example CANopen, J1939, or other proprietary CAN systems. The CAN bus is galvanically isolated to ensure reliable communications between systems running from different power sources. Using E-Logic, the system designer has full control over how CAN messages are constructed, and when they are sent. Receive filters can also be configured in order to minimise the required amount of message processing.

Key Features

  • EP3 connector
  • 2.5kV RMS isolation between E-Plex and CAN systems
  • Supports a wide range of CAN baud rates, up to 1Mbps
  • Dedicated VE.CAN interface using RJ45 jack for data communication with Victron Energy products
  • Incoming CAN message filtering using E-Logic
  • Custom outgoing CAN message generator using E-Logic
  • 6-way Phoenix plug for external power, and CAN in and out for daisy chained connections, or bus termination
E-Plex 816CAN Generic CAN Interface