E-Plex Digital Solutions

E-Plex 425DRM E Dual Reversing Module (Emulated)

The E-Plex 826QRM with 425DRM emulation will functionally operate the same as the native 425DRM. This includes recognising and running the same logic as the native device, however the size and format are different and an adapter cable is required so the original Delphi connector that is fitted can be used. Alternatively the Delphi connector can be removed and the standard 826QRM connectors can be used as well as an EP3 Cable to re-terminate the cables.

Key Features

  • 10 Amp AC switch capacity
  • Activated Relay Indication
  • 4 independent channels with full change over connections (Volt Free)
  • Two screw terminals per connection (to simplify linking)
  • Standard EP3 connection
E-Plex 425DRM E Dual Reversing Module (Emulated)