E-Plex Digital Solutions

E-Plex 387EBM E-Plex Bridging Module

The E-Plex 387EBM Bridge Module is capable of bridging between two independent E-Plex systems, and provides a galvanically isolated link between them, allowing 128 bits of information to be transferred in each direction.

Key Features

  • Dual EP3 Connections
  • 128bit bi-directional interface
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to set-up within E-Logic

Electrical Specifications

  • Eplex LEN: nominal 4
  • External power voltage: 6vDC (min), 12/24VDC (nom), 32VDC (max)
  • Current: 20mA (min) – 30mA (max)
E-Plex 387EBM E-Plex Bridging Module