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E-Plex 815ENO EnOcean Gateway Module

The E-Plex 815ENO allows EnOcean energy harvesting switches to be used to control an E-Plex system. EnOcean energy harvesting switches are wireless, battery free switches that generate all of the power they require from the motion of the switches as they are pressed. This significantly simplifies switch mounting and wiring. The switches are available in various styles from a number of manufactures. A list of compatible switches can be found on the EnOcean Alliance website.

Key Features

  • Communicates with wireless switches that require no batteries
  • EnOcean switches are easily mounted on thin bulkheads (usually surface mounted)
  • Huge time saving during installation
  • Simple PC-free switch learning interface
  • Learns up to 32 switch banks (up to four switches per bank)
  • Requires no external power
  • Integrated EP3 simple connector system
E-Plex 815ENO EnOcean Gateway Module