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E-Plex 218VEI Victron Energy Interface

The E-Plex 218VEI provides control and monitoring capabilities for Victron Energy’s VE.Bus range of products, it provides an E-Plex to VE.Bus conversion. The VEI works with all VE.Bus devices with software version 19xx111 and higher. This includes the following products:

Phoenix Multi, Phoenix Multi Plus, Phoenix Multi Compact, Phoenix Inverter, Phoenix Inverter Compact & Quattro

Key Features

The 218VEI is capable of providing the following Victron Information onto the E-Plex Bus:

Mains: Voltage, Current and Frequency
Inverter: Voltage, Current and Frequency
Battery: Voltage, Current, DC Ripple

The 218VEI is also capable of setting the operational mode of the inverter: Charge only, Invert only, On Mode, Off Mode (The front panel switch on the unit must be in the “On” position for this to work) – Information is also available about the status of the LEDs on the Victron front Panel.

Another feature is the ability to set the Shore Current Limit (Multi or Quattro only) although you will need to know the size of the transfer switch in the unit you are controlling.

E-Plex 218VEI Victron Energy Interface